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In search of a genuine, no-nonsense roof inspection? Hexagon Construction is your go-to. We take a unique approach to roofing by evaluating repair and restoration options as a priority, ensuring you get the most practical and honest roofing solutions.

Don’t settle for just any estimate—choose the team that looks out for your best interest first.



Our Services


We'll check your roof carefully to find any problems and tell you if it needs fixing or just a little care to keep it in good shape.


If part of your roof is broken or leaking, we'll fix it up. This means making sure no water can get in and everything looks good as new.


When you need a brand-new roof, we've got you covered. We'll help you pick the right materials and put on a new roof that looks great and lasts a long time.


When fixing isn't enough anymore, we'll put on a whole new roof. This means taking off the old one and installing a new one to make sure your home is safe and dry.


We'll put solar panels on your roof so you can use the sun to make electricity. This saves you money on energy bills and helps the planet too.


We take care of your solar panels, checking and cleaning them to make sure they work really well and last a long time.


We set up batteries for you to store the electricity your solar panels make. This way, you can use solar power even when the sun isn't shining.


We help you create the perfect small house right in your backyard. This includes figuring out the best layout, style, and everything needed to make it just right for you or someone else to live in.


We build the ADU from start to finish. This means taking the plans and making them real—building a new, comfy, small home on your property where people can live, work, or play.


Getting permission to build an ADU can be tricky. We help you through the whole process, making sure all the paperwork is filled out right and everything is approved by the city or county.


Roof Inspection

01. Know the condition of your roof

Most homeowners are unaware of their roof’s condition until they face expensive repairs. An inspection can keep you ahead of such surprises.

02. Detect Damage Early On

The intense weather in California can damage roofs over time. Early detection through inspection can save you from major issues.

03. Prevent Pest Intrusions and Damage

A well-maintained roof is your home’s best defense against pests.
Inspections can catch issues like displaced tiles that could lead to leaks, ensuring your roof continues to protect your home effectively.

04. Catch Flat Roof Problems Before They Worsen

Flat roofs are low maintenance but require vigilant care to prevent small issues from turning into costly repairs or replacements.

05. Ensure Your Family’s Safety

A leaking roof poses risks like mold and electrical hazards. Regular inspections help maintain a safe and healthy living environment.

New Roof Installation

Affordable Pricing Options

Get a first-rate roof for your home without the financial strain, thanks to our affordable monthly plans.

With an Average Roofing Project Cost of:


and SAVE 5%!

Save $750!



1 Year, $0 Down*



10 Years, $0 Down*

*$0 down payment option available subject to credit approval. 0% interest valid for the first 12 months, thereafter standard APR rates apply.

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Invest in Your Home’s Future

Your roof accounts for as much as 40% of your home’s exterior charm.

It’s wise to ensure your roof does more than just shelter; it should enhance your home’s beauty and contribute to its future resale value.

Eli is honest, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Eli explained the process and was there every step of the way. I had his company Hexagon repair my roof and with no regrets. His crew did amazing work, and I am so grateful that I found his company.”

– Michelle. Pasadena, CA

damaged and asbestos laden roof that hexagon construction rplacedBeautiful new cool roof asphalt shingles

Featured Customer Story

This Ted W. Roof Project by Hexagon Construction showcased our commitment to restoring safety and durability to homes. This particular residence suffered from a neglected roof with asbestos-laden tiles, causing significant leaks and damage to the structure beneath. Our team handled the removal of these hazardous materials, opting for modern Cool Roof asphalt shingles that promise durability and efficiency. We also repaired the damaged wood framework, securing the home’s integrity for the future.

Job Details

Aprx. Cost: $15-20k

Type: Neglected and damaged roof

Install Time: 2 Weeks

Felt: Synthetic Pro-Guard

Our Process

5 Easy Steps

Request a free inspection

Roof Inspection


Remove Old Shingles

Install New Roof

A Rock Solid Reputation

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“We already referred him to our neighbor...”

We had such a good experience with Hexagon. Eli is so personable and does fantastic work. Most of all he is reliable! There were no questions as to what he was doing and when. He communicated with us the whole way through. We already referred him to our neighbor. From the time we met Eli to the time both ours and our neighbors roof was finished it was only one week. I whole heartedly recommend this company. Say hi to Eli for me!

- Lisa Krasnoff

Glendale, CA

“The work was top notch!!”

I Hired Hexagon to complete my exterior remodel and It was the best contractor experience I have ever had. Eli took on stucco, paint, completed projects in mid flight and every step of the way we discovered changes to the scope and Eli made adjustments, and was fair and professional. His team was excellent and professional. At the end it was discovered I could save with energy rebates and we upgraded the solar too. I cannot be happier with all aspects of this project. The process, the results, price was more than fair, and the work was top notch!! I will definitely maintain a professional relationship. For any future construction needs, I am calling Hexagon.

- Aaron Gonzalez

Sherman Oaks, CA

Our Completed Projects


Our most frequently asked questions. If you have an further questions, please send us an email.

How Long does a Roof Installation take?

Expect a brand-new roof to pop up on your home in just 3-4 days, old one gone, repairs made, and shiny new top in place.

Why is your price higher than Competitors?

Because cutting corners isn’t our thing. Fully licensed, bonded, insured, and sticking to high-quality materials and craftsmanship, we’re all in for the long haul, not just a quick fix.

Do you offer Financing?

Absolutely, we’ve got you. Quality roofs shouldn’t drain your wallet in one go. Financing options are here to spread out the cost, making it easier on your budget.

Why choose Hexagon Construction?

Because we’re the total package—skill, security, and service. We blend expertise with integrity, ensuring your roof is not just any roof, but a Hexagon roof. Stability above, peace of mind below.

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About us

Hexagon Construction

We are a specialized roofing and general contractor based in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on being among the top-tier roofing providers, not by size but through our commitment to exceptional service. Our compact teams ensure that every project receives the personalized, professional attention it deserves, delivered on schedule and without straining your budget.

We aim to make your roofing experience as seamless as possible, understanding that getting a new roof is a significant event. Our dedication to excellence and reliable service has solidified our reputation as one of the premier roofing contractors in Los Angeles. Don’t just take our word for it; our glowing Google reviews speak volumes.


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More Than Roofing…

At Hexagon Construction, we’re not just about providing top-tier roofing solutions. We believe in enhancing every aspect of your home, ensuring it’s not only safe and secure but also aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our comprehensive services extend beyond the roof to transform your living space into the home of your dreams.






Experience hassle-free roofing with our team:

Punctual Estimates: We’ll book a snappy one-hour slot for your estimate. Running late? Expect a call from us. Punctuality is our middle name.

High-Tech Inspections: With our iPads, you get a live feed of what’s happening on your roof. It’s like being up there, minus the climbing.

Quick Quotes: In just 15-20 minutes, we’ll give you the lowdown on your roof, unless you’re in the mood for a deeper dive into your options.

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New Shingle Roof Systems

Install to protect

Hexagon Construction: Licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to roll. We only use top-shelf shingles from leading manufacturers to safeguard your numero uno investment—your home.

Think you might need a new roof? Here’s the lowdown on tell-tale signs:

  • Spotty ceilings inside
  • Rot hanging out at the eaves
  • Shingles? What shingles?
  • Underlayment or wood taking in the sun
  • Granules playing it cool on the ground

Install… to impress!

Landmark® shingles provide durability and aesthetics.

CertainTeed’s Landmark shingles are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing roofing option. These shingles are engineered with a dual-layer design, featuring a tough fiberglass base and a protective outer layer, providing superior protection against the elements.